Innovations in Electronics - From our labs to your business.

Genesys Products is an operation of Genesys Electronics Design, Australia's only one pass to production electronics design house. This site showcases the myriad innovations Genesys offers exclusively to its customers, ranging from an advanced Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platform to standalone components designed to replace wired control with wireless control via the Internet.

Genesys is constantly expanding our suite of solutions to satisfy all of your control, monitoring and end-to-end communications needs. The Genesys Products website will be continually updated with new products as we release them; please follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our developments.

The items you can see on this site today are just the beginning. Over the next few months and years to come, we will be releasing many more systems, modules and products.


New Product Launch - Genesys M2M IoT

Introducing our flagship product suite Genesys M2M IoT, a comprehensive and scalable machine-to-machine (M2M) platform that provides virtually limitless opportunities to bring your business into the connected world, known as the Internet of Things (IoT). We offer a suite of products consisting of full-scale M2M systems, communications nodes and modules that add capabilities to your M2M system as you need them.

We can work with you to build Genesys M2M/IoT into your system providing complete M2M and IoT capability, for industrial, commercial, transportation, medical, consumer or other applications.

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Electronic Product and Software Development

Genesys Electronics Design provides a complete electronic product and software development service from initial concept through to volume production.

We guarantee One Pass To Production™ from initial concept, through to volume production of commercially-ready products – shorter time to market, lower overall costs.

We have a 25-year track record of professionalism, integrity and honesty, and many happy and loyal customers.

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